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19 Feb. 2017 
BRUSSELS Greece's public debt can be manageable, the euro zone bailout fund said on Sunday, responding to a leaked report by the International Monetary Fund that the country's debt will explode to 275 percent of GDP by 2060.

A spokesman for the bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), said the path for Greek public finances agreed between Athens and the euro zone was credible and backed by contingency measures in case of unforeseen events.

"We believe that Greece's debt burden can be manageable, if the agreed reforms are fully implemented, thanks to the ESM's exceptionally favorable loan conditions over the long term and the recently adopted short-term debt relief measures," the ESM said.

In the document, seen by the Financial Times, the IMF calculated that Greece's debt load would reach 170 per cent of gross domestic product by 2020 and 164 per cent by 2022. But it would become explosive thereafter and grow to 275 per cent of GDP by 2060, the paper quoted the report as saying.

The spokesman said, however, that the euro zone had promised to offer Greece additional debt relief if Athens delivers on all its reform promises.

"As a result, we see no reason for an alarmistic assessment of Greece's debt situation," the spokesman said.

The IMF has long been calling for substantial euro zone debt relief for Athens, but Germany, which faces elections this year, has been strongly opposed to such a move until after 2018, when Greece is to finish all its promised reforms.

The IMF assessment of Greek debt developments may make it impossible for the Fund to join the current bailout for Greece, now shouldered only by euro zone governments, because the fund's policy is to enter programs which in the end allow a country to cope on its own.

Euro zone governments want the IMF on board, but do not seem to be ready to provide the debt relief to Greece that is necessary for the Fund to join.

(Reporting By Jan Strupczewski; Editing by Stephen Powell)
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19 Feb. 2017 
Greece will need far bigger debt relief than euro zone partners have been prepared to envisage so far due to the devastation of its economy and banks in the last two weeks, a confidential study by the International Monetary Fund seen by Reuters shows.

The updated debt sustainability analysis (DSA) was sent to euro zone governments late on Monday, hours after Athens and its 18 partners agreed in principle to open negotiations on a third bailout program of up to 86 billion euros in return for tougher austerity measures and structural reforms.

"The dramatic deterioration in debt sustainability points to the need for debt relief on a scale that would need to go well beyond what has been under consideration to date - and what has been proposed by the ESM," the IMF said, referring to the European Stability Mechanism bailout fund.

European countries would have to give Greece a 30-year grace period on servicing all its European debt, including new loans, and a very dramatic maturity extension, or else make explicit annual fiscal transfers to the Greek budget or accept "deep upfront haircuts" on their loans to Athens, the report said.

It was leaked as German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble disclosed that some members of the Berlin government thought Greece would have been better off taking "time-out" from the euro zone rather than receiving another giant bailout.

IMF managing-director Christine Lagarde attended weekend talks among euro zone finance ministers and government leaders that agreed on a roadmap for a new bailout. An EU source said the new debt sustainability figures were given to euro zone finance ministers on Saturday and were known by the leaders before they concluded Monday's deal with Athens.

The IMF study said the closure of Greek banks and imposition of capital controls on June 29 was "extracting a heavy toll on the banking system and the economy, leading to a further significant deterioration in debt sustainability relative to what was projected in our recently published DSA".

European members of the IMF's executive board tried in vain to stop the publication of that earlier study on July 2 just three days before a Greek referendum that rejected earlier bailout terms, sources familiar with the discussions told Reuters.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, seized on the IMF study as vindicating their argument that the proposed bailout was unsustainable and that Greece was right to demand debt relief.

The latest IMF study said Greek debt would now peak at close to 200 percent of economic output in the next two years, compared to a previously forecast high of 177 percent.

Even by 2022, the debt would stand at 170 percent of gross domestic product, compared to an estimate of 142 percent issued just two weeks ago.

Gross financing needs would rise to above the 15 percent of GDP threshold deemed safe and continue rising in the long term, the updated IMF study said.

Moreover, the latest projections "remain subject to considerable downside risk", meaning that euro zone countries might have to provide even more exceptional financing.

In the laconic technocratic language of IMF officialdom, the report noted that few countries had ever managed to sustain for several decades the primary budget surplus of 3.5 percent of GDP expected of Greece. As soon as Athens had swung into a small surplus before debt service last year, the government had failed to resist political pressure to ease the target, it noted.

The IMF study also appeared to challenge the assumption by some European officials that Greece will be able to meet some of its financing needs from the markets in 2018.

"Borrowing at anything but AAA rates in the near term will bring about an unsustainable debt dynamic for the next several decades," it said.

(Editing by Paul Taylor)
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19 Feb. 2017 
A social media coordinator for a Maryland public school system says she was fired Friday after sending a relatively harmless tweet correcting a student's spelling.

Katie Nash was managing the Twitter feed for the Frederick County Public Schools. On Jan. 5, one student tweeted to the school's account, @FCPSMaryland, asking to close schools "tammarow."

Nash responded through @FCPSMaryland, "But then how would you learn how to spell 'tomorrow?' :)"

The tweet garnered more than 1,000 retweets and likes and was the focal point of the hashtag #KatiefromFCPS, according to the Frederick News-Post. However, it was soon after she received school-wide attention when she became in trouble with school officials.

Nash and the student exchanged other tweets and the student insisted that he didn't mind the light-hearted spelling correction. She had other interactions with students on the school's Twitter feed before.

Nash told the paper that she was initially told not to tweet anymore, but still had access to the Twitter account. She added that she continued to tweet out school updates, but at the end of the school day Friday she was told she had been fired.

"As a new employee, I think I sort of would have expected that there would have been some counseling or some suggestions on how to improve," she told the News-Post.

District spokesman Michael Doerrer told the paper that Nash was no longer an employee, but failed give details on her dismissal.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Click for more from the Frederick News-Post.

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19 Feb. 2017 
In industries that exist right now, the presence of PLC is necessary especially to replace the wiring or cabling systems that previously were used in controlling a system. By using the PLC will get many benefits which are as follows:

1. Flexible

In the past, each different electronic device controlled by each controller. Suppose ten machines require ten controllers, but now with only one tenth PLC machine can be run with each program.

2. Changes and error correction system easier

If one system will be modified or corrected, the change is only done on the programs contained in computers, in a relatively short time, after that it downloaded to the PLC. If not using a PLC, for example relays the amendments made by altering the wiring cables. This course takes a long time.

3. Number of contacts many

Number of contacts held by the PLC on each coil is more than the contacts held by a relay.

4. Cheaper

PLC is capable of simplifying a lot of cabling compared to a relay. So the price of a PLC at a price cheaper than some fruit relay capable of doing the wiring for the same amount with a PLC. PLC includes relays, timers, counters, sequencers, and other functions.

5. Operating speed

PLC operation speed is faster than the relay. Speed PLC scan time is determined by its in units of milliseconds.

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6. Resistant character test

Solid state devices are more resistant than the relay and test mechanical or electrical timers. PLC is a solid state device that is more resistant test.

7. Simplifies the control system components

The PLC also have counters, relays and other components, so it does not require components such as additional. Use of relays requires counters, timers or other components as additional equipment.

8. Documentation

Printout of the PLC can be directly obtained and do not need to see the blueprint of his circuit. Unlike the printout relay circuit cannot be obtained.

9. Security

Changing the PLC cannot be done unless the PLC is not locked and programmed. So there is no unauthorized person can change the PLC program for a PLC is locked.

10. Can make changes by reprogramming

Since the PLC can be programmed quickly reset the production process that mixes can be completed. For example part B will be executed but sections of A is still in the process, the process in section B can be re-programmed in seconds.

11. Addition of faster circuits

Users can add a circuit controller at any time quickly, without requiring great effort and cost as in conventional controllers.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there are losses that are owned by the PLC, namely:

12. The technology is still new

Changing the old control system using relay ladder or to a PLC computer concept is difficult for some people

13. Bad for the application programs that remain

Some applications are applications with a single function. On application by one function rarely done did not even change at all, so the use of PLC in applications with a single function will be a waste (cost).

14. Environmental considerations

In a process, the environment may experience a high heat, vibration direct contact with electrical appliances within the PLC and this event continuously, thus disrupting the performance of the PLC is not functioning optimally.

15. Operating with a fixed circuit

If the circuit in an operation are not changed then the use of more expensive PLC compared with other control equipment. PLC will be more effective if the program on the process to be upgraded periodically.


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18 Feb. 2017 
Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Every year, I build predictions regarding what the approaching year's potential developments within the world of social media marketing. and each year, I even have to remember and chuckle in the slightest degree the those that claimed social promoting was simply a fad--as very little as a couple of years agone.

It's clear currently that social media promoting is here to remain, and its huge endurance is as a result of one key characteristic--the incontrovertible fact that social media keeps evolving. It responds to new technical school like mobile devices, perpetually exceeds users' expectations, and competes at intervals itself to bring us a lot of and higher options.

So what will 2017 have future for us social media marketers?

1. Snap's Evolution can lead to attention-grabbing New Opportunities.

First up, I'd wish to mention the large evolution Snapchat--now referred to as Snap--has undergone, and whereverit's going to be headed within the future. Already, Snap has remodeled user expectations and major trends within the social promoting world. It's helped bring back a a lot of moment-focused read of communication, resulting in a lot of in-the-moment and live content, it's expedited a lot of mobile-centric app developments, and it's introduced vertical videos into the thought. But now, it's trying to develop merchandise outside its main means that of exchanging messages, introducing real-world glasses to assist users capture first-person visual info. Expect massive things from this recently-renamed company in 2017, and big promoting opportunities to travel together with them.

2. Twitter Fatigue can Worsen.

Twitter isn't doing therefore hot. individuals are predicting the death of Twitter for the past few years, however I'm not here to mention whether or not or not Twitter's planning to survive another year (it most likely will). Instead, I'd wish to illustrate one potential issue for the app's decline, what I decision "Twitter fatigue." Twitter designed itself on quick, bite-sized updates, however this results in a barrage of each incoming and outgoing tweets. This was novel and exciting initially, however currently users ar getting down to crave one thing different--bigger, a lot of elaborate, a lot of attention-grabbing items of content that roll out slower, like once per day. you'll be able to see this trend grasping already in platforms like Instagram.

3. Users can Crave additional Vicarious Experiences.

People are getting down to demand social media as a passage for additional vicarious experiences. It's now not enough to post your sentiments concerning associate degree event; you have got to point out your users what it's wish to be there. you'll be able to do that with things like live video, 360 pictures and video, and even simplyadditional period of time posting. the concept is to create your users desire they're a real a part of the expertise, as it's evolution.

4. New Areas of Communication can Emerge.

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Historically, social media existed as the simplest way for individual individuals to speak on-line. once brands caught on, it conjointly became the simplest way for brands to talk to and advertise to shoppers. But now, social media is evolving in new communicative areas. Some platforms area unit giving suggests that of client service, increasing the importance and interactivity of exchanges between brands and shoppers. Others, like Facebook, area unit delving into additional skilled communication. Expect to check additional diversity here as additional brands catch onto the potential.

5. a billboard Renaissance can Occur.

Organic visibility has been declining for a moment currently, as platforms strive job to individual users over firms and organizations. however the secondary profit for social platforms is that it forces a lot of firms to dabble in paid advertising. exaggerated competition and pressure to become (or remain) profitable have additionally forced social platforms to come back up with a lot of ingenious and inventive advertising choices for businesses. the mix of those factors might cause a replacement advance in social media advertising in 2017.

6. Inspiration and Imagination can Become trendy.

Practical posts get lots of client attention. showing emotion charged posts have a bigger chance of current virally. however sacred and ingenious posts square measure commencing to build their appearances as even stronger candidates for social media success. These square measure usually inventive in nature, giving users one thing "pretty" as critical one thing pragmatic or reactive. It additionally forces a separation from any quite company positioning or subdued advertising, giving users one thing really valuable. In 2017, it'll be valuable to forgo some pretense here, and simply post stunning pictures or sentiments.

7. Brands can opt for Social Platforms consistent with Survival of the Fittest.

Every year, new social media platforms emerge to do and disrupt the establishment or notice their place among the heavy-hitters of the social media world. however clearly, entrepreneurs and marketers can't climb on each single platform that comes on. Instead, in 2017, we'll see a lot of of a trend toward refinement; instead of outlay equal effort on 5 completely different platforms, a lot of businesses can notice one platform that works particularly well for them, and slim their specialise in it. As a result, we have a tendency to might even see bigger stratification between the key platforms of our era.

These square measure a number of the foremost vital trends I forecast for social media in 2017. It's about to staya robust branch for any content or SEO strategy, and may be a must-have for any business trying to promote themselves on a stinting budget.

You don't ought to incorporate of these trends into your strategy for the approaching year, however there's a decent likelihood you'll stand to profit from a minimum of dabbling and experimenting with them.

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